I can't help but blame myself for giving up my one love how do Y'all deal?

Me and her broke up in June and im still going through the guilt of giving her up for some bitch that I barely lasted a month with


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  • 1. Try to get back together. It may be unlikely to work, but at least you'd have tried; no room for what ifs.

    2. If it's final, just avoid your ex and anything that reminds you of her.

    3. Talk about your feelings with someone you trust.

    4. Just hang in there and learn from your experience.

    • I never learn. I have no one to talk to. I tried to get back together with her but she's with some dickhead and she thinks that he'll be able to talk with her romantically forever

    • She made her choice. The reality is that while you can influence others' feelings towards you (intentionally or otherwise), you can't truly control who she will be in love with. My advice is, try to distract yourself with something, avoid her as much as you can, and you might be surprised she might come back to you. Nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes you have to let someone go for their sales and yours.

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