Why won't my friend block his crazy ex gfs number?

I like my friend and I want to start a relationship. He says he's done with his ex girlfriend though. He dumped her. She still blows up his phone, and she still loves him but he won't block her. He sometimes doesn't reply, sometimes says "stop talking to me" or "can't talk" but won't block her. I don't understand. Why won't he just block her so he's not bothered? Do I have a chance?
is he not done with her


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  • He doesn't want to let go of her and he's not being honest when he says he's done. And he probably likes the attention and likes knowing she's still fixated on him. It's best to distance yourself from him until you see that he is completely available and open to something new.


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  • Not until he moves on.

    • So you're saying he still loves her?

    • I'm saying he isn't committed to breaking all the way up. I would interrept that as him still having expectations of working it out.

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  • because he lefts the door open for her


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