Ok so this is quite a fucked up situation. Very actually. I was talking to this guy for a few months we were officially dating, soon things got serious and he asked me to be his girlfriend. On the same day he asked me out all we did was argue. He would do stupid things and make me feel bad for arguing with him even though I'm pretty sure every girl would argue because of these reasons. We were dating for 4 months. He ended me and said we argue to much and I gave him so many reasons to not leave it's quite unusual that he didn't listen and he said he still has feelings but all we do is argue and that he can't get into another relationship again.

After we ended things we carried on talking for many months. We ended in August and finally shut things off in September officially but we spoke everyday till September. I decided I wanted to see him and he came to my house , we kissed, done things and he took my virginity ( circumstances were bad, I know ) he said to me on this day that he dosent want anyone but I still DONE this with him unfortunately. I asked him if he'd found a new girl and he said 'no of course not, the reason we ended was because I didn't want a relationship"

its one one week later and he posted on social media a video of him and this girl and he's singing saying she's the one for me... do I have any right to say anything here?


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  • what would you say? ahe clearly said that he does not want to be with you. Its not like he made promise of relationship for sleeping with you.


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  • No you don’t because he wasn’t your boyfriend. He didn’t want a relationship with YOU. You just took it as he wasn’t ready for a relationship at the moment and that he’d come around eventually. Sorry, that’s not what that means. One thing about a man... once they’re done with you emotionally... they’re done. They may stick around for the physical aspect but their mind isn’t yours anymore.


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