Is it over for good?

My ex suddenly decided to end our relationship around 8 weeks ago. I have really struggled to cope with this and we staying in contact for the first 4 weeks, he told me he still cared about me a lot and hated seeing me hurting knowing he was the cause of it. 4 weeks ago he (4 weeks after break up) he took a girl home after a night out and within a week was posting photos of them in bed together on social media. I'm not sure if he is still seeing this girl but today I noticed he has deleted all the photos I have tagged him in over it relationship bar 1 but kept all the photos of us that he posted. Why would he do this?
I pray every day that he will see what we had together and regret what he has done. I know he is the one for me and I just can't give up that hope. We have now been no contact for 32 days.
Is there aany hope for us? Please be gentle 😔


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  • I'm having a hard time understanding why? Why you'd torture yourself like that. I mean what, every time he gets bored with you, are you gonna let him take a break so he can sleep with somebody else? Thats what this sorta looks like. Its hard getting over somebody, granted, but you should feel so bad if he blew his chance to be happy with you. there's no way he deserves to have you back, in my mind. That may just be me.

    • I really don't know myself!
      Our relationship was perfect! Our lives fit perfectly together and we were very happy. I'm just really struggling to see how I can ever get completely over him when he is everything I want! He's never ever hurt me before. I just wonder will he realise with time that the grass isn't greener

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    • I really have tried! Iv been in dating sites which turned my stomach so I got rid of them. Have been asked on some dates but just can't face it and don't find myself attracted to anyone

    • You dont find yourself attracted to anybody because you're still hung up on a guy who preferred plastering pictures all over social media of him in bed with another girl, when he could've been with you instead, but HE consciously chose not to. I'm probably as big a believer in hope as anybody, way more than I should, and always try to look for the good, but there's comes a time you need to think about yourself and your own feelings. This is gonna continue to hurt for as long as you allow it to hurt. Value yourself and what you can still offer somebody worth you more than that.

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  • i think you should just move on. he went out with another girl and posted pics of him in bed with her. just move on and forget him


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  • It is very difficult to let go of someone you still love. The fact that you hold on and he's out there sleeping with other girls is a clear indication that he does not love you the same way he did and certainly not the same way you still love him. It's tough to let go, but I recommend you do and find someone who will value your love as much as you value theirs.

    • How do I let go though? Iv been for hypnotherapy, meditation, spoken with the doctor, friends and family and I just cannot seem to give up that last bit of hope no matter what I do!

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    • I packed up all his stuff and got rid of reminders after I heard about him with this other female.
      It's my own head thts eating me up. I have been out with friends a lot trying to distract myself but the throughts soon come back.
      Some days he's all I think about. Surely by now I should be thinking of him less

    • Have you thought that you might have an obsessive personality. If so, have you tried picking up a hobby and going all out to master it?

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  • I would move on. It's time

    • I really have been trying! Iv come a long way a de the initial break up but keeping finding myself back at day 1 all over again

    • Since the initial *

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