Do you think I should text my ex girlfriend after a month of no contact?

Her birthday was September 2nd and we haven't texted since then! I want to ask her if she wants to hang out this weekend. Will it be a good Idea? Or should I text her and start a conversation instead? (She dumped me) I miss her so bad!!


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  • Don't. She dumped you for a reason. And there is a reason you never contact ex's. They are in the past. Move on. No matter how much you miss them. You don't return back to what is not good for you.

    • Her dog passed away last month, and she needs to focus on school. She just turned 18 and said she needs to find out more about life I'm 20 bth (we broke up in good terms) I can sence she's sad

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    • plus she doesn't need you're confusing her. some people when they are grieving and go through loss will end up pushing you away if you keep pushing them.

    • Thank you for your answers though!

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  • I have the same question, his birthday is coming up and I'll probably tell him happy birthday, but its been 3 months since i last texted him. i miss him, would it be weird to text him?

    • Unless if you want to get back together. Now for men it wouldn't be as complicated though. say something like "Happy birthday (His name here)! I wish you a good year ahead" and it will be his job to ask you to go to his bday party or to hang out, he misses you, who knows!
      Good luck!:)

  • Never text when ur desperate especially if the person already rejected you.. wait for her to make 1st contact.

    • She might want to get in touch, she's a very shy girl especialy her being younger. Do you think she will text back?

    • I had a friend go through the same thing, the girl was younger and he really desperately missed her, he couldn't let go and contacted her, she did respond but it was out of curtesty she then told him that she could not be with him because she was was moving. Then he saw her with another guy and it was like a fresh break up. So leave well enough alone, go through the grieving process. If she wants to contact you she will.

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