I blocked my ex. Would there still be a possible reconciliation?

I finally had the strength to block my ex girlfriend after a 4.5 month break up. She broke up with me. Unfortunately though, I do still see her quite a bit as we do go to the same gym. But anyways, I am curious if there would still be a chance of reconciliation after blocking the ex on social media?

Long story short, she played mind games a lot. Flirted with guys in front of me and stuff like that. Hot and cold... all those games.

Regardless, I'll admit I am somewhat guilty of doing what she did... to a certain extent.

Even until now, friends see that she is always attempting to get my attention.


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  • if she's always trying to get your attention, she could want to get back. but i dont know if you should do that, she sounds psycho

  • No. You ruined it


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