How do I regain his trust?

I broke my boyfriends trust and cheated him. But I really love him how do I make it up to him


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  • Trust is something that is entirely given by the other person.

    Speak with him, tell him exactly how you feel (that you cheated, and that you love him and want to regain his trust over time/just had an insincere moment ((you're 21, it can happen))), and it's up to him on whether or not he will let you try and make it up. Don't be mad at any reaction he has (unless it's unlawful or completely inhumane), and accept it. Tell him that you get why he would be hurt and that you're hurting as well (which sounds like the case). Over time, he may come back and give you a shot if he decides to break up with you now. Be patient if you really care for him, and let him know that you'll do anything you can to support and make up for what you did (within reason) and that you care.

    Like I said, it's on him. You can be truthful and patient, but he may move on. One thing that I'd like to add is that if he tries to do a "revenge move" like cheating on you back--don't stay with him. That's a character flag and shows that he prioritizes vengeance/his own selfish desires.


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  • I've only seen God work miracles like that.

    But it os possible.
    Only through trusting and relying on God.

    It is evident you mourn and are regretful of your choices.
    This is very important.
    It needs to manifest through action and patience.
    Shiw him you are trustworthy.
    Show him you really do value him and love him.
    Be patient.
    Honestly it may take months, it may take years.
    You already understand you've hurt him.
    That is why you now mourn.
    This is truly evident of your care and love for him.
    Give him time to realize.

    Your relationship can be restored. Seek God.
    I am a witness.

    Now for your guilt.
    Everyone indulges in their heartfekt desires (when they are really bad and destructive) every now and then.
    It isn't justified by this, but let no man condemn you, you already condemn yourself.
    Kill those desires that caused you to fall away.
    Look in the mirror and accept you have messed uo but acknowledge you desire to be better.
    God can make that change in your heart, if you let.

    You can't take it back. But dwelling on it longer than learning from it will only destroy you.

    Much love.
    And hope things get better for you.
    Keep your head up.

    • Terrible shitty awful crappy useless advice. Do NOT follow his bullshit.

  • If you love him why would you cheat on him? It doesn't make sense.

  • Yeaah there is no way. He'll be mad and untrusting until you prove worthy of his trust. But it won't be the same anymore.

  • It will never be the same. If someone did that i might forgive but not forget.

  • you can't make it right... even if he gives u another chance, things won't b same


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