This story will sound crazy but I really need to fix this any advice much appreciated?

I was w/ my ex for 3yrs i lived w him I broke up w/ him 2yrs ago. he begged for me back. I got a new guy in a week. Prom came he found a random girl&went w/ her, i stayed home. I was mad (he picked my dress). After her he started dating my bff who looks like me. They dated for 5mths. My our anniversary came, Newyears eve, he text me saying happy new year, so I invited him over&we had sex. He told me he was breaking up w/ her to get back w/ me. His girlfriend called his mom &found out he was w/ me&this girl put videos on fb telling everyone. he then told me&his girlfriend he was on acid&that's why he cameover. Before this he told me he didn't even like his gf&was w/ her cause she looked like me. He left my house&got back w/ her. He called me telling me she told him she was pregnant&he couldn't be w/ me anymore. I was an idiot&I told his mom. She then made a live video w/ him he didn't say much but laughed w her. She told everyone I lied making a rumor &telling his mom she was pregnant. A week later he found out his girlfriend lied&she wasn'tpregnant. They broke up. A few months later, it was my graduation day. My mom didn't go &I got kicked out of my house. I called my ex, he was just out of work &said he will bring me to my grandmas (back to the town he worked in). I offered to pay him &he said not to worry about it. It was 12am. The car ride I was sad didn't say much, but he kept trying to cheer me up & make sure I was okay. It felt like old times. After that I texted him saying thank you a few hours later. He replied np emily gn & then I asked if he wanted to hangout sometime, he ignored me, that was it. Weeks later I was at the beach w my friends. We were sitting down talking a firework went off&then I got a notification he invited me to play a fb game. I replied I can't Im at the beach, he ignored me. Never heard from him until I messaged him two nights ago (convo below) He ignored my last reply. I love this guy & I know deep down he loves me too. I want him back, what should I do?
this story will sound crazy but i really need to fix this any advice much appreciated?
This story will sound crazy but I really need to fix this any advice much appreciated?
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