I cheated and he's saying he is going to tell my boyfriend. What do I do?

I kissed this guy a couple times. I have a boyfriend. He didn't mean anything to me. So he got upset because I didn't want to do anything. So he said he was going to tell him. I got him to stop because I told him I told my boyfriend. So we stopped talking and I stupidly started missing him. So I messaged him on Facebook because hiss phone was broken. I talked to him a lot and said a lot about what I felt and did. I got him mad again by telling him I couldn't do this again. Now he is saying he will send my boyfriend all the messages because he saved them. he said the only thing that will stop him is if a have sex with him. What should I do? I know he will tell him and send him all the messages if I don't do it. I'm so scared because I love my boyfriend so much and would be so upset iff he found out about my stupidity. What do I do? Please help

I was so stupid to kiss this guy. I just felt bad for him. and I don't even know what is in the facebook messages besides me saying I wanted to see him again and see how I felt. but thanks girls. I guess I better just telll my boyfriend.
Just want everyone to know- he's leaving me alone now...after he tracked me down and beat the living crap out of me and put me in the hospital. I deserved it completely. I am now single and loving it that way. Thank you everyone for giving truth. :)


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  • The best option is to tell your boyfriend the truth. I GUARANTEE if you don't tell your boyfriend and elect to sleep with this loser, he will find another way to blackmail you. Who's to say that 'if' you sleep with him, he won't tell him anyway? I think it's better to own up to what happened, be honest and prepare for the repercussions. We all make mistakes and the hardest part is to take ownership and learn from it. The guy who is blackmailing you is a grade A piece of sh*t and I wouldn't trust him at ALL.

    Tell your boyfriend, plead complete remorse and let him know that it will never happen again. As for the loser, don't talk or communicate with him again. You owe him nothing and the sooner you get him out of your life, the better.

    Good luck.


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  • Kissing another guy isn't cheating but having sex yes, this guy is blackmail you FOR SEX, which is actually illegal if you could gather enough evidence you could own him, but you must reveal what your doing so you can have a good case, seriously for all the douches calling you a whore are retards, you sound young and young people make mistakes which is how they learn, kissing another guy is not cheating then I guess all the actors in movies are cheating on their partners as well...

    • I do agree that you did get yourself into this mess

  • you are a sleezy Whore so have fun

  • You're a horrible person.

    • So I guess the guy blackmailing her for sex is a great person?

    • Yeah

  • Tough sh*t. Stop being a whore and doing stuff with other people while you have a boyfriend. It's your responsibility to tell your boyfriend. I hate you girls that do stuff, and then never want to admit to what you did and most of all.. feel bad for yourselves afterward. Show some self discipline and respect.

    • Agreed. You got youself into this situation by not thinking of the price of your actions. You need to tell your boyfriend, and be prepared for him to leave you. You dug yourself a deep grave. Good luck getting out... Hope you learned a lesson from this.

    • I am so glad you agree with me. I can't stand when girls do this.

    • I really agree with this too. Girls like you make me honestly sick. It's called being a slut basically when you have a perfectly good boyfriend and you use someone else even if you don't need it.

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  • wow. this is terrible. why did you cheat your boyfriend in the first place? you knew that this was going to jeopardize your relationship...it's bad enough to see someone but to kiss him? I say that you tell your boyfriend the truth. no excuses because guys don't want to hear that. save yourself time and be truly honest to him as to why you did this. if he truly loves you, he'll forgive you. if he sees that you'll do this again, give him time. there's always hope.

  • First off, it's best for younger people to stay out of relationships until they are mature enough to HANDLE them. Example of this, "I was stupid for kissing this guy, not just once but a few times, and I hope he doesn't tell my boyfriend because I love him." There is no room for cheating with true love. Love doesn't hurt on either side.

    Just tell your boyfriend and hope that he forgives your unthoughtful ways. Turn the tables around and you would be freaking out.

    Good luck. And, in the future, think about what your actions will do BEFORE you do them. Being young is about learning but, seriously, some things are just straight forward common sense.

  • Fool me once shame on me- fool me twice shame on you. You should have quit while you are ahead. do not have sex for any reason with that guy.. What's to to stop him from black mailing u- that's what this is by the way - again? Don't be stupid three times. :)

  • Duh, don't have sex with him due to some stupid threat. Tell your boyfriend yourself, if he loves you, he will forgive you. And don't contact that guy anymore. You've learned your lesson, just don't cheat on your boyfriend again.


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