Just Show Up Or Nah?

A while Back, I fell in love hard and I eloped. I stayed there 8 months before marriage life came hard, as we basically married then dated, in a way to put it. I do love him still, but around March we decided to divorce. He hasn't talked to me since and refuses contact with me in any way - even to divorce. Won't answer calls, texts, Facebook messages, nothing. Hasn't since the day we met up to discuss and agree on divorce. I've been told to "Just Show Up, you might be surprised" when talking about it to mutual friends.. I reached out to his brother to try and figure it out, who then responded telling me I need to talk to him. When I told him about him refusing to contact, and asked for a way to reach him, he refused. However, he lives with his brother. So should I contact his brother and ask to drop by in an attempt to talk to him? Do I just show up? Or do I not show up and just keep trying through media?


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  • What do you need to contact him for sorry? It seems that he’s pretty done with the situation despite your efforts, why not just have the divorce papers served and be done with it?

    • Because he refuses to sign the paperwork...

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    • I was trying to do it without a lawyer. We agreed I'd print them out and then I'd bring them to him to sign with a notary, which is what I did. I printed them out and then sent a text letting him know I had them, and asked if I should mail them or bring them or whatever and then I never got a text back and that's basically when he started refusing contact. So should I just lawyer up?

    • You should be able to pay a sheriff or process server to legally serve them, but some places will accept a receipt from registered post saying they were delivered to his address.
      There are generally legal helplines you can call for free advice, or even your local courthouse may be able to give you some advice to do it cheaply

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