Why does my ex text me?

my ex broke up with me about four months ago and I hadn't talked to her for about two months until the other day she texted me and said it was crazy that we hadn't talked for so long. she now has a boyfriend but I have heard rumors that he wanted to break up with her. she does all the initiating of our conversations and is always texting me first and we talk all day. why is she doing this?


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  • This is not unusual behavior for an ex. 4 mos is long enough to start missing the person you were with.. You remember the GOOD times.. and forget the BAD.. and the REAL reason you broke up in the first place! If she senses this boyfriend of hers wants to break up - she may be looking at you as a comfortable REBOUND... If you don't mind texting/talking to her - with the possibility of getting back together with her, great.. BUT! BE PREPARED THAT SHE WILL DUMP YOU AGAIN when that grass looks greener on the other side again! You have read that book. You know the ending.. If you are smart ~ Don't go back... remember why you broke up. I think she's trying to set you up as a backup in case the boyfriend goes South. AND if she IS still with this guy... What's she doing texting YOU? And TALKING ALL DAY? She's a cheat... Is that what you want her to do to you? Don't be a fool. Good luck. Hugz.


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  • I'm dealing with the same thing with my ex GF. We broke up 4 months ago and all of the sudden here she is again initiating contact. I wrote on my question everything she said and the responses were all fairly similiar. 4 months of not being with someone or even up to 6 monthsI think


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