What to do, any advice ppl?

So, guys, my ex broke up our one year relationship a month ago, for some reasons out of her insecurity and never wrote or initiated contact with me. I contacted and she was on her decision. After 3 weeks of no contact, I sent her a message and she ignored it and called to inform her something, didn’t pick the call.

Yesterday, I called her and asked if we can meet up, she agreed and we met and we talked other things and smiling, making fun. Then the break up matter jumped in our conversation and we talked about it, what were the mistakes and how we could handle them, but we couldn’t. It was very emotional conversation, we both cried and talked and she said, she doesn’t wanna have that stress we had at the end of the relationship. But, we both were comforting each other, holding hands, walking keeping hand on her shoulder like before, told her how we can make it better, then we hugged and left. We were exchanging message afterwards too.

Today I called her what is she up to and asked if she wanna grab a beer in the evening, she was asking me, why I want to keep meeting her, since we are not on the same feet. I just said why not, lets grab a beer and talk on it. She agreed, so we gonna meet later today.

Though I didn’t wanna break up, and she said she didn’t feel comfortable in the relationship we had (jealousy of my friends, doubting me, though i was 100% honest with her). But she is unique and caring about me. I still love her the same and want her back.

Guys, please give me your valuable advice how to talk to her today and carry on with her. I appreciate any advice/suggestion.



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  • let her go because from bottom line she doesn't want you anymore. its poinltess if you keep begging it


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