I want to dump my girlfriend and move back to my ex but I don't know what to say?

i went out with my ex for 3 months before breaking up and now I regret that and I think about her quite often and my girl at the moment I have been going out for over 4 months yet we only met 6x I want to break up with her but I don't know how to break up making it look like her fault. and they go to the same school


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  • well, just say that you feel that you have grown apart, but you want to stay friends.

    I would suggest finding out if your ex wants you back.. leave a respectable cooling off period.. and if the ex is happy to have you back in her life.. then congrats :D

  • I agree with the last answer about the 'cooling off period.' I'd leave it a while before getting together with anyone else, as that would be really harsh on your current girlfriend. Also if you do get back with your ex, avoid being coupely in front of your current girlfriend, as this would just rub it in ther face. Don't make her think it's her fault, just be honest.


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