Not sure what to do anymore.. help?

So my ex and I broke up a couple weeks ago and it's been hard on me. He has stuff to sort out from his last relationship and he isn't fully over it because we started dating immediately after him and his ex broke up. She hurt him and he's ultimately needing to cope and "be ok being alone" is what he said exactly. I'm giving him his space. He called me yesterday to check up on me and I called him today cause I felt like I wanted to ask him if this space thing is working for him and if he's ultimately happier with this decision. He said yes and that he misses me but him being alone is allowing him to focus on finding himself again and figuring out all the issues and he said it's necessary for him at this time. I immediately said well I'm glad it's working out and that I feel better about it knowing it's beneficial for him that we take time apart. It hurts so badly but I don't wanna show him I'm weak. I hung up and cried and I just don't know what to do. Ya the obvious is to move on but I can't get myself to. We dated for 2 months only but it was over before it even really got to start and I hate how I have no control over that. I wish this didn't have to happen cause we were happy and everything was good but him not allowing time for himself after the break up and meeting me and talking to me caught up to him. I feel like a rebound but then I think of how he told his family about me, wanted me to meet them, did all this sweet stuff and still till now cares about me. I just want this to work in the future but I just don't know what to do now.


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  • Maybe you really don't know him completely, talk to him once, tell him how you feel, afterall thats what relationship is all about, to share with each other


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