How do you date after a heartbreak?

I was completely heartbroken after being in love with my ex of a year and its been a year and a half but I'm still scared from the heartbreak and I can't date again.

I don't know what the reason is and I think its more than one seeing as I have college in a year and I'm moving

How do you move on?


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  • You move on by not thinking about your ex and the times you spent together. You focus on the things and issues that are currently affecting you. You spend time with people who do make you happy. You don't feel sorry for yourself. The hardest moments are when you are a lone. Then, you have time to think of the past. Try to keep yourself busy; most importantly, don't worry. You'll find love again.

    • Yeah I know I will and I don't feel depressed at all. We broke up a long time ago and he's always going to be in my life because he's related to my best friend but I don't want to be with him, I just have some feelings for him but they won't go away and It's annoying because I can't hear about him and other girls without feeling jealous, how do you get the last bit of feelings to go away? To the point where you can be happy for them

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    • But my he's been dating someone for a year and he still has feelings for me. He told his sister and when we talked after a long time of silence he brought up the marriage topic like he did when we were dating. And if he stll has feelings for me after being in such a long relationships, how can they really go away? I know there must be a way but I don't get how

    • You should stop talking to him about marriage and relationships with him. Associating these emotions with him will not help you move on. I recommend not even talking to him at all until you stop feeling emotional about him.

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