Ignoring me after we split, why is he acting this way?

He was meant to meet my parents for the first time and we had a fight over his ex girlfriends name tattooed on him, he stormed off and booked a hotel and kept putting the phone down when I tried to ring him to find out where he was.

i never let anyone meet my parents so this was a big move for me, we split up. At 4 am he was expecting me to go into the city for cuddles knowing I had a funeral to go to and my first day at work with my new job, I told him I didn't want to see him. He kept ringing and I ignored it as I was furious with his behaviour. I messaged him later on saying it's shit how things ended but I hope he is ok and he ignored me I didn't message him again for 4 days and just said I don't know what's happening are we going to try and be friends and he's ignored me again.

I messaged him a last time last night before deleting his number and all messages, just saying he is making the whole shitty situation worse and that he's 33 and acting like a moody teenager and what he was doing was spiteful and hurtful.

my family don't like him, my friends think he's a dick, but I don't understand why he's acting this way, to love someone one day to ignoring any olive branch when they're the ones in the wrong.


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  • Why are you dealing with so much drama already? How long was the relationship? Any other stupid stuff like this happen?

    • I don't know I'm out of a 2 year relationship at the end of last year and was working on myself this is the first guy I let get close, any other stupid stuff yea he tried to make me sleep in the car after another argument and called me a c*** that was because he was being obnoxious when drunk and clinging to me every time I spoke to someone and I asked him to tone it down.

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    • I don't enjoy it, I just came out of something that wasn't healthy I just need to relearn what a healthy relationship is, I dunno why I put up with it, I'm just really sad I'm being ignored

    • It's not hard to find healthy people. Most won't want to try anything for awhile... For me, it's about finding the right friendship, see where that goes for awhile (maybe 2-3 years). I tend not to trust very much, plus I ain't the greatest looking, so dates don't come easy.

      Point is, don't let anyone teat you like crap, you don't have to be in, and out of crazy relationships to know that... It's a bit of an excuse to think your unhealthy relationship of 2 years let you deal with more crap... at least your on here wondering if your doing the right thing...

      I hope for the best either way...

  • You think you’ll be friends after a breakup? God you’re naïve

    • Not friends but not leave it on such a Nasty end note...

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    • Thanks I do apologise for being short, these past few days have been a nightmare and I'm a breaking point. I'm trying to keep busy to keep my mind off everything even taking extra shifts in work, I'm drained and ignored and sad. I'll have to just do what you say forget him and move on because I can't stay like this

    • It’s for the best

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