My love didn't tell even my name to her parents after 4 years of our relation and agreed to marry another guy. please read below and help me how to tackle?

my love didn't tell even my name to her parents after 4 years of our relation and agreed to marry another guy. please read below and help me how to tackle?4 years back she proposed me and i also loved her. we are happy for 6 mnts after due to some disturbance in home she tried to avoid me and kept me away for 1 year and she came back to me again and been close to me till she went home and accepted that marriage.

meanwhile during that 6 months of our happy relation we attended a study program and there one guy is of same caste of her. she started taking with him and i know he is trying for her and told him about us and told her please dont talk with him as he is flirting type but she started talking back of me.

During that 1 year of avoiding i still tried for her to get back mean while she got close to him and proposed him. he rejected her. and she came to me.

Twist is she didn't say to me this much happened and one day she is beside me and he sent a intimate text to her although she rejected that asked why he is sending like that then she said to me this much happened iam sorry. i came to know the real love. i won't do mistake again. i forgave her

after few days he came to hyd she met him and didn't say me. after that i came to know by her texts. he is of waste character like he asked her do you come for bath in message. she said iam not that lucky. when i asked she said as i met him i am deviated iam sorry. i won't repeat. i again forgived her.

she really reduced talking and been good with me from past 1 yr. she had skin prblm. i cared her so much. so she always promised i will make my parents talk to you at any cost not for your sake but for mine. I also made my parents accept and they talked to her and said we will please your dad and make them accept.
she didn't say after going home n said you are of different caste. Impression on me will go even i say and accept the boy of their choice. I can't do anything. please leave. I asked why you convinced fr the marriage if you want me in life. she said i dont no. today is her engagement. i loved her so much but she did this. Please advice me


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  • So sad to hear that you cared so much but she actually doesn't deserve that.
    Suggestion:Don't forgive people too much. It's true that people do mistakes but if it's in repetition then they are actually becoming shameless.
    You should forget her, she doesn't deserve your love.

    • thank you so much for your time for helping me. your advice means a lot. i will try to be strong and move forward

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