Gloomy forecast... would a break up help?

My girlfriend and I have been together for over 4 years now. I consider myself perhaps a bit over involved in her life and I sorta blame this on the way our relationship started, where I helped her sorting quite a bit of her life out. I am also the over caring type of guy, and I know occasionally she is overwhelmed by that - tho I have been working on changing this. We've had a great spring break together this year (as we usually do), but since we're back to our normal working life she changed. Our relationship is based on a lot of communication and she told me she was confused because weeks ago she started to fantasize about a guy at work, imagining how her life would be with him, sex, and all other details of how we would break up and move on. She told me she hasn't cheated and I have no reason to not believe her; also she said she had never fantasized that way about any other guy whilst with me. She then said she didn't feel physically attracted to me any more, yet this keeps being contradictory. Overall she is confused and she said she was feeling very guilty for having thought/fantasized/etc. I am feeling heart broken and starting to loose my patience to always try to fix things. We've never broken up before. Would a break up help? How long? Should we try seeing other people (even tho I certainly won't want to do that myself)? Or add some rules to the break up, say, we'll try again in x time?


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  • I just read a fantastic book called "Make Up Don't Break Up" It has changed the way I think about my can read several pages of it if you google the name...then google has it's own link that lets you read through about 40 pages of the book before you buy it...but seriously I don't work for the author I just bought the book a day ago and have already read the whole thing...hope this helps.


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