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I'll not go into too much detail, but yesterday we were supposed to meet up, so I get to his place late afternoon. As soon as he starts talking, I feel like he's got a tone with me, so I asked why he was starting, he kicked off and stormed back to his flat to get his wallet. Pissed off, I drove away to cool off. 10 minutes later I get a chain of messages about how my behaviour is unbelievable, and because I left it on read, he sends me a message basically saying when I drove away from him, I made my choice and now he's made his and doesn't want to see me again.

Couple of hours later I reply telling him it was a mistake for me to drive away and it wasn't the best way to deal with the situation, but I was pissed off. He was getting a bit nasty at this point, but like an idiot i turned up outside his flat and asked him to come and talk to me, we argued and he stormed off after a while. At this point I figured it was all done and dusted and I drove home, only to receive a chain of nasty messages when I got there about making things a lot worse for myself by coming over, why should he be forced to talk to me because I'm outside etc. I was telling him I wanted to work through things if we could, but he said the fact that I'd abandoned him was crossing his red line and he didn't want anything to do with me, he was disappointed in me, he thought I was better than that etc.

This morning he messaged again, still being shitty, so I just took it and left what he said. Mid-afternoon he messages me again about how he's in pieces, having an awful day, his ex is trying to ruin his life, he's getting evicted etc. Few hours later, another message saying he's sorted everything, he's been under a lot of pressure and took it out on me and he was a fool because he wants things to work out with us. I told him I was willing to move forward from it, and I'm willing to, but it's just difficult to forget some of the stuff he said. Would you work on things, or just leave it?


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  • Your story is unbelievable, honestly. Perhaps he was in a poor mood, sure; however it is very strange for somebody to go mad because of that. Perhaps something that you said, or the way you said such was awry, and sounded in poor taste to him. Regardless it is clear that he has attachment and anger issues; furthermore he sought attention, for that I would dub him a bad mate. To resolve this I would put an effort towards getting to his point of anger and resolving it kindly.

  • Leaving is the best option


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