Girls, Cheated on my long distance girlfriend. I am deeply in love with her and want to do what's best for her. What do I do?

Recently I cheated on my long distance girlfriend who i love very deeply, i dont know why i did it and feel very very guilty. She is a fantastic girlfriend; supportive, smart, kind, and beautiful and i really wish i could marry her someday. The minute i left the other girl's apartment i went straight ahead and came clean to her because i truly believe she has the right to decide weather or not she can continue to be involved with someone that has donde something like this to her. She is very dissapointed of me.. Told me she hates me for what i did and well is quite upset as she should. I keep on telling her i will respect her decision if she chooses to leave me.. and a part of me actually thinks she should because i'm such a piece of shit for having donde this. I know this isn't about me anymore so i don't want to make this about her forgiving me.. although i am so regretfull of my actions.. I just want to make her happy and help her find peace. All i want is to do what's best for her.. I know the type of person she deserves in her life and i fucked up so inmensely that i don't even know if she should forgive me. I just want what's best for her.. What can i do? i truly love her


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  • Leave her alone. People shouldn't stay with cheaters. It's good you feel bad for doing it, and came clean to her.

  • Go surprise her, where she lives!! She'll be surprised and she might just forgive you, and you need to control yourself bruh come on , don't forget the teddy bear and roses and chocolate , if she's into that.

    • Thank you Nina. Yeah i thought about it but we just talked and she had just came back from a party she went to kind of return me the favor.. she told me she couldn't do it, wich is fine i believe her. We talked then for about an hour and well she left me. It's over.. i can tell she's disgusted by me and won't ever let me near her ever again. I have to respect her enough to realize i am a bad person who did a bad think and got what i deserved. Thank you so much for the answer.

    • Well take that as a lesson learned. Don't ever make that mistake again okay?

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