Are you being a friend for them or you?

I want to know how many people are friends with their ex's on here? How long did it take you to be genuine friends? Are you both dating others?

I would also like to know, when you agree to being friends are you doing it for them or you? Are you still hanging on to them the only way you can in hopes that they will come back?

I don't believe in being friends with an ex because once a relationship is broken, it's done. Ending it on good terms or bad just measures your maturity in my opinion. If I did stay friends with an ex it would make me feel like I'm trying to prove to someone that I'm a good person, when I know I already am.

I'm not looking for someone to agree or disagree with me I truly want to know who is still friends with their ex's.


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  • I am friends with my ex boyfriend. After the break up it took us at least 6 months to work towards being friends. It wasn't instant after the break up. My ex wanted to be friends with his ex before me, but she said no. So here I am friends with him.

    I think being friends works for both of us, but sometime I feel he is the one in control of it. I love and care for me ex still but respect him that I know there are boundaries especially when it comes to dating. He has had 2 girlfriends since me and another girl he met just a few days ago, he is thinking of seeing again but cos he is pretty busy lately it is going to be hard to find time to arrange to see her.

    Yes it still hurts when I hear him dating, but I would never ever tell him how I feel, simply that we are friends we have history and I want him always in my life. There are no proving who is better than who in the friendship. I have not dated since my ex as I am spending time getting on with doing things and sorting out my life.

    My ex and me are meeting up sometime this month hopefully, I do not know how that will go.

    • You haven't dated since and want to sort things out, but don't you think hanging out with a guy you still care for will slow you down?

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    • You do realize that if he gets a new girlfriend and actually wants it to work out, she might ask him to cut ties with you. In order for him to be happy with her, she needs to be happy so cutting you out of his life for her is what he might do. Can you live with that? If you can hats off to you. Because I can tell you right now I have been asked to do that and I lost them both because of it.

    • He told his other gf's since me about that he still contacts me. They have, according to him, been OK with it. I don't think my ex would cut me out of his life, even for a new girlfriend, We have known each other for 6 years and we were together nearly 5 years. But if he was to cut me out completely, I would be hurt by the fact that he was no longer in my life, but happy that he is happy and I would just have to get on with my life as usual and make the best of it

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  • we stayed friends because we were friends first and we care about each other. I don't want to lose that friendship tho I have no desire to get back together. it took a few weeks to get past the break up and feel like friends again. we talk about people were seeing or are interested in so I think weve accomplished that.


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  • I have not yet met a woman who I'd want to be friends with.


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