Why do people get obsessed so easy?

I've noticed that some people become a bit obsessed if they were dating and got turned down. Or someone isn't interested the person is hell bent on getting them to like them, when they never will. Why don't people just move on instead of getting hurt? Why make excuses for their behaviour as well to lighten the impact of the fact the person doesn't like them?

I have friends like this and it annoys me, like move on an get a life and stop complaining about it and find someone who does like you instead of embarrassing yourself


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  • Because I suffer from OCD. Obsession is a daily part of life for me.

    • But if someone was messing you around would you put up with it?

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    • Best to avoid you then

    • No need to avoid me, just don't A) act like a total twat, B) mess with me, or C) do me wrong. I actually do try to be considerate and kind to those I consider friends.

  • Because people lack of significant bonds and we are losing the ability to read people's corporal language


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  • I have a friend, she fell in love with one of my other friends but he was deeply in love with another girl. After "chasing" him for a year he finally gave in and gave her a chance. They have been together for a couple of years now and are still going strong.

    I get your point though. Although I don't agree fully. I feel like... if you truly love someone, then fighting for that person is gonna be worth it but going too far and become obsessed for real is never good, so only to a certain extent I guess. Sorry for my poor English by the way.


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