Is this a good reason for a break up?

Was dating this girl for 2 months and it was going great. Having sex etc. Only down fall is after a few dates she admitted to me that she had a recent break up 2 months ago and is struggling with the feelings with her ex and liking me at the same time..

Last week I went to her apt for the first time and we hung out in her area and she was acting distant and off.. she wouldn't hold my hand.. at the end of the night she told me her ex lived with her and it hit her hard and it felt weird having another man in her apt... And her area is were they use to hang and holding my hand just gave her flash backs etc. She had tears in her eye said she really likes me but she still has feelings for her ex and its it's killing her with guilt because I'm into her. Next day we talked on the phone and she ended it said I was the first person she dated since her break up and it made her realize she needs to be alone and process the break up. I tried to work it out then accepted the break up... Then 5 hours later late at night she sent me a text saying she is so sorry she didn't expect all of this to happen is didn't want to hurt me etc... I never replied to her text bc I'm crushed

She said there was nothing bad about the ex. He accepted a job out of state that's what caused the break up..

Is this a good reason for the break up or just an excuse? And are we finished?
Is this a good reason for a break up?
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