My guy is acting different now, why?

My guy from afar doesn't reply to me anymore like he used to. I understand that he's a busy person but there are thoughts that are disturbing me. I always message him first now. I greet him "good morning" but i don't flood him with messages. He replies after hours. Sometimes he'll respond in the next day. What does his actions mean? Can someone enlighten please. I would appreciate every opinion u could share.


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  • He is exhauseted. Now, this can be because of work, study or you. He is taking more than what he can handle at the moment. Things do change with time. Be supportive and show him you care.

    • How do i show him my care and support? :)

    • Talk to him. When he is not busy. And help him do whatever he is trying to do.

    • Thanks! I hope i could but we're in a LDR atm so its kinda hard.

What Girls Said 2

  • He's losing interest

  • Maybe he is losing interest.


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