I'm trying to move on but it's hard because it feels like a piece of me is gone. What would you do if?

There is this girl I've known for a long time and we used to talk to a lot and have a lot of fun. In fact I used to like her, but that's kind of beside the point. We still talked but after awhile we can drifted apart a little bit. I noticed this and tried to fix it and things got at least part way back to how they used to be. Lately though we haven't been talking much and we never get to hang out ever. Around a week ago I asked her what was going on because she hardly ever answers my texts, a lot of the time ignores me on facebook and sometimes we go for days or it's even gone for around a month before that we didn't talk. She says she's been busy which I can understand and which is what she always says but I know for a fact that it's definitely not always true. She will hang out with other people and talk to them on facebook sometimes but not me. She says her connection is messed up sometimes and that facebook chat messes up, both which could be true but why is it always when I try and talk to her? I asked her about this and all she could say was sorry...I told her I wasn't mad just kind of confused and that I missed the old days...I also let her know that I cared a lot about her still and that if she ever needed anything she could ask but she kind of just ignored all this and said so sorry...Lately I've tried talking to her again but she still ignores me and talks to other people. I tried one last time to try and figure things out by asking if she wanted to hang out next time I'm in town but I never got an answer...So I guess it's done...It really hurts because I cared so much and still do about her but it's like I don't even exist to her anymore and I don't matter and all our memories and stuff don't mean anything to her...I'm trying to move on but it's hard because it feels like a piece of me is gone...I don't know, what would you do?...Sorry for the really long post


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  • I can relate to wanting to get back in touch with someone. If the girl can find time for others but not you and she does not want to hang out, she perhaps feels that you are A) Hitting on her. or B) She does not care to be your friend.

    As the other user posted, as hard as it may sound, you may have to move on even if this means a final break or official good bye. This is really tough to hear because you sound like you two were really close. Since you feel like a piece of you is missing, I would suggest getting out more to more social functions and talking to other girls exploring the fish pond. You'd be surprised. When the girl enters the back of your mind, try remembering more pleasant thoughts and be happy for her and hope she feels the same. Best of luck to you.


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  • It doesn't sound like she's in any sort of relationship with you, or wants to be. As hard as it may be, you're going to need to move on. Try to find someone else; it'll help take your mind off it and get you moving forward.

    ...I think I just suggested you find a rebound. Ah well.

    Spend more time with your own friends and start getting used to life without her. You'll be fine.

    • I don't want anythin besides to be friends with her, but it doesn't seem like she wants that....i get your point though, yea

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