Ex girlfriend being mean?

I was wondering why my ex girlfriend is being so mean to we recently broke up but she still loves me?


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  • She's mad you broke up with her and she still wants you

  • Why are y’all still in contact

    • Well she still loves me and wants to be with me a few months ago we were in car accident l fell asleep while driving we got into a head on collision I was really tired she almost died I had alittle bit of acholol in my system below the legal limit through out all what happened she forgave me and still wanted to be with me then I had to go to court and the court order me not to have any contact with the victims she was one the the victims, but we didn't care we started sneaking around so I don't get cought and we've been seeking around for 4 months we can be seen in public or post anything on social media and recently it's became so hard for us because of the no contact that she wanted to end things with me before his happened we loved each other nothing could break us apart we even were talking about getting married in the near future

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    • Yeah I do think that’s best. Things don’t last forever and you can love someone without being in love and wanting to be with them. Yeah your situation was very unfortunate but it doesn’t exclude you from the inevitable. If her being mean and rude is common , is that behavior of someone who loves you? Unless you’ve done something to earn her rudeness.

    • No I didn't do anything and thank you

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