Just found out my ex lying about her so called boyfriend she had a week after breaking up, I wanna send gift?

So come to find out, my ex was lying about her so called new boyfriend she said she had a week after breaking up with me, I still feel hurt by it, I don't know I guess I should've saw the signs she was lying because she would still message, check mutt snapchat stories and stuff but she never said anything nice, and even when I asked could she return my belongings to would call my a asshole, she played games, but now I was thinking of sending her a gift for her and her game new boyfriend am I wrong


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What Girls Said 2

  • Why would you send a gift? Weird

    • Something for the lovely fake couple

    • Lol. You should tell her you know she was lying about that

    • I was thinking of something to do, and see if she'll send my stuff now, I mean why keep it

  • no i think it be nice

    • Lying about a new boyfriend and then trying to through it in my face, it's kid stuff

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    • It was crazy though we lived together before all of this

    • lol ig

What Guys Said 1

  • Send her a bag of dicks

    • I was thinking of something for her and her fake boyfriend

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