Going through a rough time?

Me and my ex girlfriend have been broken up for a few years but we've always been off and on during that time. We've never been able to be on the same page with each other, whenever I want to get back together she doesn't, and whenever she wants to get back together in the past I didn't.

I'm 23 and she's 25, and I'm ready to give me and a her a real chance at a relationship that could lead to us eventually getting married.

Where this has been so rough on me is that in the past, she was willing to do so much for me, and I always seemed to take advantage of it, and I regret that I did so. Now I've been trying to prove that she's the most important person to me, and I've been trying to go above and beyond to let her see that I'm serious, and that I've changed.

She say's she's never going to believe me, and that I'll never get another chance, but then she texts me everyday, usually calls me 2-3 times a day, and we see each other 4-5 times a week hanging out.

Her actions really confuse me, because they don't line up with her words, and she knows how much I want to get back together, and she still does this, but also says no to the relationship.

The other thing is, that she's been talking to another guy some and hanging out with him, and saying that he's just a friend, which could be believable because most of her friends are guys.

I have a hard time dealing with it, but for instance even though me and her hang out so much, nothing happens when were hanging out, so I feel like if she can do that with me, then she could easily do the same with him.

What do you think she's doing? Why would she keep so much contact with me, and hang out with me so much (sometimes for 12 hours) straight, is there any possibility that she's giving me a chance, but that there's no way she'd admit to it right now? I feel like if she admitted to it, that would open herself back up to me, and that she's not going to because it just hasn't been enough time.

This has really been eating at me lately, and it's hard to think of anything else. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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  • The truth is... she really does like you - your friendship - everything you offer her... but you are only her back up guy. If she has ANY interest in meeting other guys... she is not in love with you, Sweetie. Sorry. Timing IS everything.. You are ready to settle down. You sound like you know what you want.. and trust me.. this girl is NOT it. She's only keeping you around til something better comes along. Continue on with her if you enjoy being used and frustrated. It will NEVER get better because she is too selfish and immature to appreciate you and what you offer her. It's not time she needs -- She needs to GROW UP -- Don't let her continue to play you, Sweetie. Find a woman who adores you and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. This girl you are mooning after... is nothing but heartache and grief.. She can't make you happy. She will never give you what you want. Let her go... She may tell you what you want to hear to keep you hooked... but you need to watch her ACTIONS.. THAT will tell you the truth... I already know what you need to find out, apparently. It will hurt or a while.. but in the longrun. you have a greater happiness waiting for you.. Your self respect will return.. The begging will stop... and you will begin to believe that YOU deserve a woman who LOVES YOU... and isn't the least bit interested in keeping her options open. Good luck. Hugz.


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