How to get past a breakup that made no sense?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago. He claimed that it was because we were in two different places in our lives and that he felt he was leading me on if he continued to date me because he couldn't give me what I needed or something. During our breakup, he drove me around the city for 6 hours trying to calm me down. He still said he wanted to be friends. The strangest part was he revealed more about his personal life during those hours than he ever did in the month we dated.

I still see him and it hurts me to know I lost a good friend.


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  • From the sounds of it he didn’t know how to exactly explain how he felt I mean if he told you more about himself during your break up than he did your whole relationship then maybe this was the moment he wanted to say what was in his mind but the way I get over break ups is I try not to think about the person, forget about them & move on distract yourself with something fun. For me it’s reading or video games or working out


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