What is your view on male bashing? Is it real? Is it justify?


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  • Some people do it.
    Other times, people are too sensitive, and can't take a joke, or interpret someone talking about something one guy did as a criticism of the entire gender.
    I don't think it's as common as some claim it is.

    • I do agree with you that people are too sensitive.

      But I do feel there's a lot of male bashing out there.

      Back when I was in university I was put in a group with 2 other girl and one of them (X) refused me to do anything. The other one (Y) told me the reason why x did not want me to do stuff was because I was a men. She (X) thought apparently I am able to empathize with the patients (any kind) because of my gender. We are in a psychology program...

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    • He's saying them about me and to me.
      Eg "I just wanna make you cum."
      Going to HR would be pointless. I started working there this year. He's married, worked there for 20 years, is a manager and is close golfing buddies with the owner. Even if I was somehow taken seriously, his buddy isn't going to fire him.
      Problem is, this is the best job I've had and I don't want to leave. Just have to cope somehow.

    • People like to abuse their status... I guess. Public job/big corporations job are often better. I had a boss who threw me a printer at my feet for a mistake that cost 50$.

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  • Of course there are people who bash males. It's always possible for a group of people to judge another.

    • Yep

      The reverse is also commonly present (Female bashing). I also saw a lot of this.

      I kinda find it sad that gender are now the new racism. I guess we human need a enemy to rally on against to feel good about our self... Which can lead to unhealthy/toxic behavior

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    • Yeah but sadly, fighting for right is not the same thing as painting the other gender like a monster.

      I think the real problem in all that are the zealous follower of the ideologies.

    • I completely agree. There are always people who take things too far

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