Confronted EX, first nice but now mean- what is going on?

I was with this guy for 5 months. In the beginning, we were infatuated with eachother, obsessed, in "love". However 3 months into the relationship, he became negative & angry- always blamed me for everything & put me down. Everything was about him. Then I moved to a different state & we'd argue 24/7. he would say " sorry I love you" & the same thing would happen over again. I only got a rise out of him when I barely gave him attention. One day he accused me of talking to other guys (when I was with friends) and then broke up with me because I did not answer him. He called me 45 times. Then he said he did not mean to break up with me, bawled his eyes out, left work & drove 2 hours to me begging to be with me. I was not nice to him because of the constant arguments/putdowns. He was one worded with me because of what I said to him that day even though he was the one who started it! We came to an agreement that we needed a break &he said he need to focus on himself &didnt want to keep hurting me, which i agreed with. We had a beautiful mutual breakup but would talk everyday, just less. He said he wanted to work things out with me eventually.

I always had a gut feeling that something was off, so I went on his accounts & saw innappropriate sexual memes with a woman &some messages with girls during the time of our relationship. I confronted him about it (not nicely). He denied everything & was being nice: how he wanted the best for me, but I kept saying hurtful things to him because i was angry& hurt but he said hurtful things back too then said he did not want me to contact him again. After a week of not communicating, I texted him about how I want to be civil with him since we will be working together next month and that there is no hard feelings. He replied saying "we will never be friends, you ruined that. we will be civil at work & that is all. u said & done too much so please don't text me back & leave me alone. I don't want to be a part of anything with you'.
We work together and I will see him end of this month. but out of no where he literally wants nothing to do with me and he's mean about it and is now friends with coworkers who don't like me! I just want civilness. why is he acting this way?


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  • Why do you care?

    • I will be back at work with him next month - we work in the same section. I do not want tension will him/drama. He has also been bad-mouthing me to coworkers as well, who I directly will be working with. And has re-kindled relationships with people who did not like me.

    • We’ll forget it. Being friends with an ex is a pipe dream

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