Why did he do this & will he come back?

So this seriously is hurting me the more it goes on. I have been best friends with this guy for 2 and a half years. We have always been super close talk about anything & everything I have trusted him with everything. We could kiss & be perfectly fine & normal! We shared dirty pics and stuff ahah sounds wrong but oh well just being honest lol Well a few weeks ago he asked me out to the movies we went & then we hung out at his house & we both knew someday that IT would happen well it did! He wanted to me stay the night with him & cuddle with him & all that but I needed to go home its not that I didn't wanna stay with him because I did! Mind you he has liked me & wanted more with me all the while we have known each other! Well we were fine a few days after good morning texts and I just knew we were gonna start dating! Well then he started getting distant late last week & then over that weekend. Well he apparently met a girl he has known her for just over a week says he likes her a lot but he doesn't wanna hurt me or lose me. He has always said how he has wanted more with me but when he got the chance he ruined it. I just need to know what he is thinking & why the hell he did this to me . He said he didn't wanna hurt me but he did hardcore =[ I feel like things with this new girl will fizzle out & he will come back to me but I don't know =[


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  • He might be feeling a real sense of rejection. It may have been tough for him to take. He'll come around.


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  • personally...i thing that you hurt his feelings and he is using this girl to make you jealous...it is an ego thing with men...it was just too soon for him to find a new girl...that is why I think he is trying to make you jealous...i really think you hust his feelings...there is no feeling worse than rejection...if it was me..i was lay low a few days...do not call him...let him call you..he will want you more...men like the chase..i know..they like mystery and he will he texting you like crazy...it is a game you know...cat and mouse...the more you want them, the more they withdraw...the more you are unavailable the more they want you...same for men and woman..and I am proof..it works girl..really...i wish you the best!

    • Aw thank you I hope so because you wouldn't think he'd find someone so soon! like weve talked about our feelings and stuff and he said it went too fast like me and him well wouldn't it be even faster with this new girl? & I ddnt text him at all yesterday and he text me I was really short w/him but I think your right I'm gona ignore him he knos how he hurt me & I kno he cares but he lost me!

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