Help to get over someone?

It's been 6 months since my friends with benefits told me he wanted to stop sleeping with me because he 'didn't want to hurt me' and 'couldn't do feelings'

It's been 5months since he got a girlfriend (while still messaging me wanting to hook up) and I cut off all contact

It's been 3 months since he broke up with said girlfriend

It's been 2 months since he came back to me telling me he missed me and he never liked her and just wanted me back in his life because it had been shit without me. Then a week later went away with her for the weekend (while again still messaging me) so I sent him a message explaining exactly how and why he'd hurt me then blocked him on all social media. Ex girlfriend then went back to her home country

Since then we have not spoke, we have seen each other on the occasion and he can't even meet my eyes. I've been going out with friends, meeting new people, distracting myself with work but I still can't stop thinking about it all. We were friends before having sex and I think I miss the friendship. He's not a bad person but I know he's immature and will only keep disappointing me with his selfish actions. How do I stop myself thinking about him?


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  • your relationship with that person became completely different when you started with sex.
    all that relationship is about sex, and no one wants to take the relationship in a serious way... so you're not going to understand each other as lovers because what you're doing is serving each other sexual needs.

    stop thinking about him starts when you take your life seriously.
    I know you miss that friendship, but you don’t have to forget him... you can keep him in a special place in your heart. but keep it locked up and don’t let it interfere with other aspects of your life.

    Good luck...


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  • keep yourself mentally engaged with other things, block all media with him

  • I can help

  • He's a user steer clear


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