My girlfriend lies and cheated?

I gave my girlfriend everything that I could to make her happy such as a car I helped her get on fineance for her and a phone then she dumped me for someone else and she gave the car back and phone after a few days she was messaging me even calling me to get the car back witch she thinks coz she was paying for it why she had it that I own her the money back and I'm ripping her off but she still own money so I have been ignoring her messages and calls it's that the right thing for me to do I really don't know what should I do?


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  • Whose name is on the title?

    • My name is on the title

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    • Ok sorry just confused as what I should be doing with the car

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  • The guy she left you for them realized what kinda woman she was so he told her to get her own ride


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  • Well, you bought the car, the money she put into the car was the money for her to use the car for that durated period, you don't owe her a penny.

  • Is the vehicle in your name?

    • Yes it is in my name but she wants to have the car and still pay for it though me even though she not with me

    • Fuck that action Bro. She's a skanky good for nothing tramp. You don't owe her shit. Tell her to ask that clown she was fooling around with. Besides she can't claim anything against you. You could say she was using it regularly and was required to pay the lease. That's what you'd say if it goes to court. Which it won't. So sorry for your situation. Good thing you found out sooner than later.

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