Why would a guy ignore me? Why would a guy ignore a female?

Me and this dude, I thought we had a thing for one another. He knows I like him a lot.
A few weeks ago, I asked him something that kept bothering me regarding what he said about me to someone else.
Well the day I confronted him and we had that conversation. He initiated a hug, he opened up his arms towards me and hugged me. While he did that he slowly rubbed my upper back. Since I had my backpack on me.
Well anyways, I will see this guy at work. During the night shift. But now he changed to morning shift. And he became weird towards me after someone asked him what was go ng on between us and he said I was at a stalking mode. Reason to me asking and confronting him.

Why will he change his whole schedule again. To ignore me? If he didn't care, why will he even hug me that day and asked me not to cry. When he spoke to me that night his voice becomes lower and softer tone.


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  • Because he doesn't find you hot

    • Well he should had never pretend to care.

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    • If you think I called you a name. Go ahead and think that. Lmao

    • Nothing more to add rolf

  • Why did you cry?

    • I didn't cry. He said it sounded like I was.

  • Maybe he does not want to give you false hopes

    • You're probably right. But what guy checks if a female has a fever? What guy introduces her to his boss? What guys makes sure a female gets sleep? Or hugs her when she trying to control her anxiety? What guy does that?

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