How do I get over an ex boyfriend who no longer even tries to talk to me?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. He no longer and I speak at all he told me he wasn’t happy the past few months wasn’t in love and lost feelings for me. I told him how special he is to me and then he told me to leave him alone said he was blocking my number that we are never getting back together. He also told me to move on with my life and to learn to back off from people. We were together almost 2 years and it was my first real relationship. He works at my job that’s how we met and he won’t even look my way or say hi at all. It’s like he’s moved on already And I’m the one crying almost everyday I miss him but it’s like he can’t stand me now. What do I do? There’s nothing really I can do I can’t text him when he won’t even reach out to me. He is 22 and I’m 25 years old.


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  • First of all, he is a douche bag.

    Second, you wanna get over him? You gotta spend your life to the fullest... and I mean there will be 0 time that you have to think about him.

    Get a job, Get a hobby, Get a pet, get anything that will distract you from him, maybe something that will improve your lifestyle.

    Usefull time is being wasted by crying over some asshole who doesn't appreciate you.

    And if he ends up coming back to you.. don't bite right about, might be a booty call


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  • I am really sorry about what you are going through. Best thing to do would be to stay away. If you try to talk to him he might be rude and you two might get into an argument and have a huge fight. As for moving on , try taking baby steps. One day at a time. It has only been a month so the wound is fresh so that is causing you a lot of pain. Give yourself some time. Spend time with close friends and family. I can't stress enough on this. Share with them what you're going through. If he ignores you at work , you ignore him too. But if he talks to you be cordial. And whatever you do , do not cry or show any signs of weakness in front of him.


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  • Sorry this happened to you. Cut him out of your life. Remove his contact info, remove any pictures of him. Get rid of any physical objects at your place that remind you of him. Keep any contact with him at work strictly professional. Focus on yourself, family and friends for now.


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  • Find things to do! Take your mind away from him, and it should be easier because he's blocked you from places. Trust me, anyone saying that you and doing that to you, isn't worth crying over. you'll get there! Do some yoga do some painting, I really recommend hanging with people. It will be ok!


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