When your ex can't move the fuck on?

Haven't been in contact for months and I recently got a new phone. Since we were not talking anymore, I forgot his number. Out of no where a familiar number had text me... it was him.
Same crap wants to know what I'm doing, clearly I should have never texted him back. I was just pissed that he had the audacity to even think of it. Also, he has a girlfriend.
One night he was drunk, sending me perverted texts. I had enough, and I told him off. Ever since that I lost respect for him and it makes me angry that he still wants to text me. How can he define me as someone that would go along with his behavior... How do forget you're with someone and have no respect the person you're with? It's childish.
Again, he texted me as if nothing happened, and I told him to please forget my number, to forget me, and I blocked him.
Yes, I could have just not texted him the first day, but I was just pissed and wanted to make a point. He doesn't ever understand that he is wrong.
What I'm trying to get out of this, is why can't he just move the fuck on with his life. Why can't he just accept and love the person he's with now? Why can't he leave me alone and let me live...
When your ex can't move the fuck on?
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