If he is closing the door on us, then why send me messages right after?

Long story short my ex had been cheated on his last 2 relationships. I haven't done anything to him but he has a 'gut feeling' that I'm a liar. So much so that he's never had a gut feeling this about anyone before (yea okay, I guess you forgot about your last relationships huh?). Just to give a quick preview; he got mad at me when I was out with my girls and he was there during and my friend started dancing with another guy. He said she's in a relationship and therefore I was guilty by association? I feel as though he starts most of the fights and we argue A LOT. For example last week weren't fighting and he brings up some joke that I guess hurt his feelings from SIX months ago. I said something was good, not great according to him. I said I don't remember me using the word good. Then he says he doesn't believe me so I get fed up and end things with him. I decided that I wanted to fix things.

He tells me if I want to come over talk about working things out I can. Yesterday, he says our arguments I always say I didn't say certain things so it would be naive of him to believe that I haven't lied. I said if you recount the story unless you have a perfect memory, of course, you're not going to recount the story word-for-word correctly. Especially if you bring up issues much later like he does. He said if I would just admit that I lied we could move forward, but I refused to do that. Anyways, he said he's doing me a disservice & just doesn't believe me and that he's 'mentally sailed on from the relationship' & that he's happy now. I just leave.

10 min later he texted saying sorry. It's hard to revert back after being broken up with.
40 min after another text a lengthy text still going on about why he feels it won't work & brings up being broken up w/ again. Another 1.5 hrs. later another text saying the breaking up/getting back together has taken a toll on him (but I thought he was happy?)

If you've mentally moved on, why continue to send me lengthy messages? Guilt?
If he is closing the door on us, then why send me messages right after?
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