What happened and why is everything so weird between us?

So my friends with benefits and I had a bit of a run in over the weekend and he made me feel awkward and unwanted. Minor set back but I sucked it up and ploughed on. Then I sent him a sexy video he had asked for and didn’t get the response i was expecting. I was very disappointed and it really knocked my confidence and now i think that I don’t do it for him anymore. Then stupidly had a drink and it all came spilling out about how something has been off all weekend, from him being awkward about whether or not he was free to see me, then how he made me feel like shit when we did see each other something he had never really done before and then his response to the video... seemed a little critical and ungrateful.
I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done or whats changed but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that he just doesn’t find me attractive anymore. Then to top it off today he changes his number? I’ve spent the day thinking he had fallen out with me and blocked me and he’s changed his number and not given it to me. I managed to contact him in a different way and ask if he has blocked me, just said no changed my number, I asked if it was because of me and he said no. I’ve not asked for his number but suggested it might be for the best that I don’t have it for the time being. Was this sensible or have I just made things 10 times worse?


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  • I may be totally wrong but I think he's probably found a full time girlfriend. Unfortunately he was just using for sex.

    • He’s sat on pof dating site.

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    • Very true lol

    • Randomly he’s gotten back in touch via the dating site we are both on...

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