My girlfriend said she lost feelings for me but, wanted me to convince her to stay?

My girlfriend of almost 6 months said that she lost feelings for me. While we were having the conversation she stated "part of me wants you to go and part of me wants you to convince me to stay". She then stated "I kind of just want you to come over and hangout tonight, stay over, and talk". I'm really confused by the whole situation as two days beforehand she was acting perfectly fine but then I noticed that while we were texting the night before she stopped saying I love you back and continued the trend the next day. I know that we both changed in the relationship some and we had our issues as all relationships do. She was crying the entire time and this was just a few days before our 6 month anniversary. She would always act a little off after hanging out with her sister and she did the night before. Her family never really liked me a whole lot. Anyway, I'm more of looking as to if anyone has an idea of what could have happened. She's also never had a relationship make it past 6 months either I don't know if that means much.


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  • I would break up with her, if she lost feelings it's too late in my opinion. Why she gotta make you fight for her while she does nothing.

    • I should have clarified we did break up but I'm just confused as to what exactly happened.

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