He left me for someone better. What do I do?

This isn't for attention seeking, i dont tell anyone in real life.. but i just wanted to vent. Everything, i go through... i hate everything that i used to love... im numb and my boyfriend left me because he said he found someone better. Then deleted me from his life

I feel alone, ugly, and unloved. I feel lonely at night and he comes in my thoughts.
Even though he is so cruel.. i can't hate him.
I wish i never met himl


Most Helpful Guy

  • Always think of it like this no one is better than anyone if he can't love you for who you are and he thinks he found someone better than it was him who lost it was him that downgraded and it should be you that finds that perfect guy

    • I trying.. but im have a fear that no one will like me 😔

Most Helpful Girl

  • OMG he told you this? how long u were in the relationship?

    Now u can't realize but he did you a favor... he was a totally motherfucker

    • yeah
      we argued a lot and I was a little too insecure :/ but he said he wanted to be straightforward and said this

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    • Sorry my tablet is crazy 😤 I was saying u are young and free and sadly in this life the pain caused for the first love is irreparable but you learn how to live a next love in a more calm and mature way...

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  • Not better just different

    • He said she is better

    • He says. Do you believe everything you hear?

    • No but she different so that makes her better to him.

What Girls Said 1

  • FUCK THAT GUY!!! Man, the best revenge is to do good things for yourself. If you feel unhappy with your physical appearance go to the gym. Become so obsessed with yourself that he never fucking mattered in the first place. You are more important!


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