Attention seeking ex-girlfriend?

So about 6 months ago, my ex girlfriend broke up with me and I was devastated. Tried to keep things civil and move on with ‘no contact’. She didn’t like it and played mind games. It was noticeable to everybody. She anticipated a chase. We do see each other a lot because of class.

Recently though, her actions are more focused towards me. Always bitter towards any actions I do (I ignored it), pocket dials me (rang twice, didn’t answer or reply, and liked my Instagram post. But anyways, continuing in with the story to today, started seeing someone about 3 months ago and only recently started being serious with the new girl. So I blocked my ex.

almost certain my ex knows she’s been blocked and is now super attention seeking and throwing a bit of tantrums. Curious... why?
Attention seeking ex-girlfriend?
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