It like am feeling strange?

So my girlfriend broke up with me a month ago and for two weeks I was like ok may be I deserve better than her but recently my best friend who is her bestie too is telling me that she keeps asking him about me and even she has posted a poem on her blog which was initially for me. whenever I try to forget her something happens like I can't get her out of my head like am now days feeling strange. Whenever I don't talk to her it's like am missing something and like am not sure what is happening but... Like somewhere I feel we are connected like even if am listening song any am feeling like lyrics are correlating me with her , it's like am picking a random song but there a line or phrase where it reminds me of her and than am sad or disturbed it's like I don't know. Come on I don't want her away from me. I don't know I have many things inside me which I want to share but when I try it's like there's nothing to say... it's like am empty. I am trying to keep up but she is distracting me a lot
What should I do?
I don't know why I got this way I will Never get alright


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  • Aww I'm sorry you're feeling that way


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