Ex girlfriend attention seeking?

So about 6 months ago, my ex girlfriend broke up with me and I was devastated. Tried to keep things civil and move on with ‘no contact’. She didn’t like it and played mind games. It was noticeable to everybody. She anticipated a chase. We do see each other a lot because of class.

Recently though, her actions are more focused towards me. Always bitter towards any actions I do (I ignored it), pocket dials me (rang twice, didn’t answer or reply, and liked my Instagram post. To add to that, After her and I had broken up, I would talk to other girls in our class. She would always be staring at them and giving them the 'cut eye'. That's just to give you a little bit of an inside story to her current bitter actions.

But anyways, continuing on with the story to today, started seeing someone about 3 months ago and only recently started being serious with the new girl. So I blocked my ex.

almost certain my ex knows she’s been blocked and is now super attention seeking and throwing a bit of tantrums. In class the other day, she was quite loud saying "I don't want to be here". Everybody kept looking at her.

Curious... why?


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  • I would say to just ignore her. She sounds really childish, immature, and likely isn't over you. The relationship is over though, you have moved on, and she needs to accept that. Don't feed into her attention seeking, just focus on yourself and building your new relationship.

    • Okay. is she upset that I am seeing someone new? She was the one to call it off.

    • It's impossible to know for sure but she may be regretting it -or- she just doesn't want to see you move on. It's like, "I don't want you but I don't want anyone else to have you either" which, like I said before, is just childish.

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