What does a guy mean when he says he's attached to me and loves me?

My ex boyfriend and I are in a complicated relationship, since I went away to college and long distance was too scary for both of us. We're still very much in love, and we still have sex when I'm in town and spend almost every free moment together. He says he feels more attached to me than anyone in his life ever, and he also says he loves me. He's said he'll wait for me and that when I'm ready he'll be my boyfriend again. I don't really understand what any of this really means or what I should do.


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  • I told my ex to go to college and not be with me and at the time she hated me but I knew it'd be worse if we made a relationship together. I didn't date anyone. She thought i was playing games for a long time. I tell her I love her, i do love her she's gone through a lot. Now we don't talk but she'll send me pictures of her. I know she's confused she's a blonde. We haven't had sex but if we did I'm scared we would be so close we would ruin everything. She's always there for me, i can go date whoever I want but I really don't want to. I'm very handsome with abs and muscles. I can talk to anyone.

    Now she dates some of the worst guys out there. I understand she's trying to have fun, she's attractive but she's got me I get mad when she dates ugly guys thinking they won't hurt her.

    If she was able to get me to love her no matter what and to think about her I'd say she did a great job, but I'm not convinced she likes me still although she likes to lead me on, she likes me.

    If i was you id give him a try, if he's hot and loves you you have a great guy, give him a chance what do you have to lose?


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