How can you tell you love someone?

i think I love someone, and its not just 'hes cute, or he's nice' love its like I love you enough to look past everything all the other girls didn't like about you, I see you for your heart and mind, and I'm willing to do whatever to see you happy and make you laugh,

sorry if it was corny lol... but yeah

oh and he's always on my mind


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  • Laugh out loud, well... after many many sessions of therapy. (Multiple reasons, yeah... laugh out loud.)

    But when I'm describing my girlfriend I seem to be usually happy and nonchalant with my answer, usually happy and laughing about the random things about her.

    However, when I'm describing my best friend whom I love more than all my other friends and family combined. My voice starts shaking and I get very emotional. I can't think of just good things about her, I think about ALL of her and how much she means to me.

    Aha for example today in therapy, I mentioned her and my voice really got low and quiet, but you could hear genuine love for how much I loved her and I actually started crying a bit because just thinking about how lucky I am to have her there made me smile and cry in joy.

    Aha sorry, but I think that's how you could tell how much you love someone if you're so affected by just talking about them when they aren't around. My best friend has been there for almost 7 years now and I love her for just listening and knowing how to make me feel at peace when no other person in this world can.

    Sorry I ranted a bit, but I hope you get the point. ^-^.


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  • u know you love him when your suckin him for an hour and then he tells you he's gonna blow, and you just keep going and swallow that sh*t like a professional. that's love. at least at our age.

  • Tell him exactly that. Trust me I was in a 2 year relationship with somebody I thought was the whole entire world. Just for them to go back to an abusive ex.. It hurts. Really somebody who wanted her for sex over somebody who just wanted to make her happy. Tell him how you feel. If you can cry for someone then you can love that very someone. I hope you find what you are looking for. Lord sure knows that I may never will


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