What should I do about this guy?

I met this guy online, and we talked for like an hour. He was really nice. :) my laptop was dieing, so I got his number to text, and we text for a little bit, then we both went to sleep. He said he'd text me the next day. He didn't so through out the day I text him 4 times. With out response. I only text him once today. Still no response...What should I do.


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  • let it go while it's fresh. never EVER text a guy more than once unless your in a serious relationship. it'll make you come off as desperate. he has your number. if he wants to talk, he'll hit you up. let it go. you deserve better :)


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  • You should not get too attached because internet relationships never, ever, EVER work.

  • he probably saw your pics and bailed. understandable.

    • Wow. way to be an ass.

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