Keep goin' or leave?

So, my girlfriend, had been texting a friend of hers who's depressed and coping with it by mimicking MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) whether or not she actually has it, I'm unsure. But my girlfriend started to befriend these voices and joined their "pack" when a male voice was Alpha, I let it go and whatever but then she "kissed" him over the internet with some roleplay type shit. She claims it was a mistake and was the one to tell me after it. She seemed like she actually felt bad and it sounded bad after I went off on her. What do I do? Her and her friend are done speaking to each other but, I'm unsure.


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  • It was role-playing. Don't take any of that seriously. It sounds like meaningless drama

    • Seems legit. Thanks.

    • Now I just gotta find out how to delete this. Lmfao

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