Guys, Why is my ex so bitter after 18 months and all he talks about is what I did to him in the relationship yet he says he has moved on?

We had an awful breakup over 18 months ago and have just started seeing each other again as we have a one year old son. So we meet and starts talking about how we should never have been together, how much I did to him and then says well the past is the past and says he has moved on! Then we talk normally for a while and he starts again he actually says he is bitter... I told him I still would like us to be a family but he says that will never happen which is fine with me as I am not bitter at all just confused as to why he is acting this way? Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved!


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  • His words mean he loved you a lot in past and he really became very sad when u left him and he struggled a lot to move on in his life and at the moment he started to move on you again want him he is no more ready to take pain again... If u really want him create some faith in him that you won't leave him again say that you both will be happy and be happy dear hope you have a beautiful relationship ahead


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  • You both should put your son first. He should deal with bitter feelings away from priorities. This said by a father who lost his son 12 mins after birth

    • I am very sorry for your loss and our son does and always will come first he is the most precious gift x

    • Good deal😊

  • Shit man. Sorry to hear that, unknownfungi.

    Anonymous: it's shit to deal with. I have a similar situation with my ex, and we've been apart for 3yrs or so.
    Only talk when necessary about what's necessary - ie, kids
    If he has custody, ask about the kids only unless he opens up conversation about other stuff, and leave it at that.
    If you have custody, vice versa, but still conversation on his terms.
    It'll keep the peace and be easier for the kids.
    Don't push and don't resist.

    Hope that helps.


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