How do you get over this?

So I really used to be in love with this person and looked past all the things he's done to hurt me.

Now these things are coming back to hurt me and fill my mind with negative thoughts making me lose feelings

so, whenever I upset him I ALWAYS apologized for what I've said/how I've acted and they were never anything less than sincere. But when he does something that hurts me and I TELL him he makes excuses. (Example: he thought I was the one who lost one of his things and yelled at me (not too loud but still) in front of everyone. I told him about it but he said he was just being firm with me).

Another time he wouldn't tell me the password to one of this things (that is shared between a few colleagues) although I let him in on everything. Again I expressed my feelings and nothing :,(.

anyway I tried to put these on the side and continue to love him but one morning I just woke up and said I don't deserve to be treated like this (I'm a smart, educated and an attractive woman, I try to be a positive asset in people's life, I put others before myself, and I can be vulnerable and show my softer side to a man I'm in love with).

Still, I do not want to get over this person he has some positive qualities. I just want to know HOW I can get over it?

Please help.
How do you get over this?
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